who is Jacob McCormick?

Do you ever feel like you’re blasting through life at 100MPH (160KPH to my Canadian friends) and you’re moving in all directions at once?

Do you feel like you’ve got a billion great (or at least half decent) ideas and you don’t know what to do with all of them?

Do you lack meticulous focus?

In a coconut shell, that’s me. I’m all over the place with my thoughts and ideas and I’m trying to bring focus and clarity into my life.

I love Jesus, my family, and new adventures.I’m euphoric over a good cup of coffee or well prepared sushi. Thanks for visiting my blog. I plan on writing about my adventures, ministry, love for people and sharing my story right here.  

Ask me about one of my adventures and I’ll give you a story.

For photo bookings or photo purchases, please email me!

This is me climbing Mt. Whitney. 
No, I am not a mountaineer...
I have no idea what I'm doing here.