Jacob  McCormick

...a well caffeinated journey with Jesus.

Husband . Father . Pastor . Photographer . Coffee Addict

Welcome to my page. All photos posted are taken by myself. 
For photography inquiries, please check out the about me page.
Thanks for joining me on this journey and reading along. 

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Baby Selah
Fox Eyes
Hidden Falls
Mr. & Mrs. Lombardo
Jana Tunnel
Fika Coffe
Lone Tamarack in Aurora
Cedar Creek
Jacob McCormick 

Do you ever feel like you’re blasting through life at 100MPH (160KPH to my Canadian friends) and you’re moving in all directions at once?

Do you feel like you’ve got a billion great (or at least half decent) ideas and you don’t know what to do with all of them?

Do you lack meticulous focus?


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